Poppies Nursery

What we offer

  • Open Mon-Fri 7am to 7pm
  • Registered and insured provider
  • Qualified Nursery staff
  • Meals and nappies included in fees
  • Flexible childcare to suit individual requirements
  • Bookings taken monthly so you only pay for the hours you need
  • All childcare voucher schemes accepted
  • Free funded Nursery Grant sessions


Poppies Nursery School (3 to 4 years)

Where education is valued and learning is fun! The nursery offers a lively and stimulating
environment in which the children are actively encouraged to develop their social , physical and
academic abilities. There is lots of work on number, letter sounds and pencil skills; plus stories,
craft, drama, music and gym.
Children are also introduced to simple science, information technology and fun French.
The daily routine incorporates these activities with free play and time spent outdoors to provide
a happy, healthy balance. There is also the opportunity to spend some time relaxing quietly, or
even to take a restful nap.
Mealtimes are used to encourage independent personal skills and to create positive learning
situations. Children are encouraged to enjoy their food and to participate in preparing and
serving healthy meals and snacks.

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